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Project Accounting for Purchases

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Project Accounting for Purchases

Post by erik0972 » Wed Mar 20, 2013 1:52 pm

This question may cross multiple functional areas but is generally seen as part to the project system

component is added to a project as a purchase item ... as part of the purchase price a condition is added to account for the cost of purchasing & material handling

scenario 1
when the item is processed as a non-stock component ..the additional cost is posted to the project through the value of the material .. there is on offsetting entry against a cost center
this is actually the desired result

scenario 2
when the item is processed as n stock component using project stock ... the addition cost is posted to the project through the value of the material ... the offsetting entry is against the project
the desired entry is as noted above ... have the offsetting entry post with a cost center reference not a reference to the project
basically - its the project should absorb the additional charges but these should be offeset againt a cost center not the project itself

has anyone using the project system encountered this or seen a differnet result ? ... if so would appreciate information about what controls the posting and how we can achieve the deired result.

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