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WBS cross company

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WBS cross company

Postby leewxm » Thu Jan 31, 2013 10:38 am

We have a scenario where a Sales Order is created for a material which is NOT costed (Im not sure if that is relevant or not). The Item Cat in the order means its a Make To Order item and if the order is just being handled within the same company code then the process works ok.

If the material has to be manufactured in another CoCode 'B' .. a InterCo STO is created, production order created (All with account assignment as the Sales Order in CoCode A) then the process fails becuase the goods receipt to prodn order is trying to reference to the MTO sales order in CoCode A.

We are using WBS elements as cost collectors so a WBS element is added to the sales order and this flows through along with the sales order account assignment to prodcution order etc, BUT BUT BUT .. in the CoCode B the WBS element has to be changed to a WBS element for that CoCode and often the manufacture means also sourcing products from CoCode C .. so this process of changing the WBS elements becomes a chore ... is often forgotten .. they are a pain to create etc etc.

The ultimate question is .. is it possible to create a WBS element which is not CoCode specific or will capture all costs grouped somehow? Incidentally they dont actually look at or use the costs ... its just a mechanism to make it work.

Any ideas appreciated
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