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Kanban Procurement

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Kanban Procurement

Postby rh203 » Tue Jan 31, 2012 2:08 pm


I'm a new graduate production planner working for a large FMCG manufacturer in the UK and we are trying to implement a 'pull' strategy for lower level procurement within the manufacturing plant.

I apologise if this is very basic, but here goes...

We currently manage material supply through using a traditional MRP setup within SAP and are looking to move to a kanban approach but are not certain what exactly is required, both from an SAP perspective and from an overall strategic point of view.

As an overview of our supply chain, we run three high-volume production lines and procure materials from Global suppliers, ranging from China and the USA with up to 90-day lead times, to local tertiary pack suppliers located an hour away in the UK with daily deliveries, on a 1-day lead time. Our lines tend to stay on fairly stable shift patterns per line, but do vary from time to time, flexing up or down as volume dictates (another query we have for procuring via Kanban)

For SAP, I know the following details apply: We do not use 'Material Managed' (i.e, we use an external RTCIS system for managing all FP and LL stocks physically on site at the plant).

From what I understand, we need access to a number of Kanban management transactions within SAP and I wondered if someone would be good enough to humour me with an overview of SAP setup and calculation options to manage Kanban external procurement, along with the minimum transaction access requirements if we are to use the setup.

Again, I apologise if this is extremely rudimentary but I'm not a SAP KU but am trying to find a solution that works - please let me know if you need any more information to provide guidance?

Thank you
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