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Assigned Budget in Annual Budget Table (BPJA)

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Assigned Budget in Annual Budget Table (BPJA)

Postby ririe » Mon Nov 21, 2011 7:49 pm


Hopefully someone can help me shed some light into my question.

I need to create a budget report which will display the annual values of a Project’s budget and the available budget. Now I know there are at least 2 budget tables, which is:
BPGE : Total for Overall Value
BPJA : Total for Annual Value

Since I need annual values, I wanted to use table BPJA (Total for Annual Value) of which I need to extract Budget and Assigned Budget values. However when I look at the table, no records exist for value type = ‘42’ (Assigned Budget). There exists only value type ‘41’ (Budget) or ‘47’ (Program Budget). This is different with table BPGE, where records exist for assigned budget.

In accordance to above values in table BPJA, the Assigned Budget column in t-code CJ31 (Display Original Project Budget) also doesn’t display any values for annual rows. However, the Assigned Budget for overall row is displayed.

Now my question: is that how the table is normally behaved, i.e. value type ‘42’ (Assigned Budget) is only written to table for Overall Value (BPGE) and not for Annual Value (BPJA)? Also that CJ31 only displays Assigned Budget values for Overall and not for Annual Rows? Or did I miss something? I need the assigned budget value because I need to calculate the available budget, whereas calculating the values from other tables (COSP, COSS, RPSCO) would require a more complex extraction.

I’ve searched in the SAP forums and also SAP Notes and couldn’t find anything that mentions about the above problem I’m having.

Thanks in advance for any of your input.

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