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AVAC for Overdelivery/Underdelivery total

PostPosted: Thu Nov 03, 2011 10:44 pm
by JudyCJ
Hi Experts,
I have a requirements where in we budget the project and AVAC is activated upon release .
The tolerance defined is for all (++) .
We create PR and convert to PO .During the creation of PO it might be required to increase the quantity in PO considering the practical constraints like for an example we order Petrol or diesel which might not be as accurate to 100% in PO but this shall be a bit more or less .To cater this we are increasing this by adding certain overdeliver tolerance .
Usually when the budget is exceed system throwing the error message.However ,when we attempt to increase the overdelivery by certain percentage , system is allowing to Increase the Tolerance in PO without checking the Budget and witrh the result, system is allowing to receive more Goods than specified in the PO and that too without checking the AVAC .

Appreciate the experts guidance and suggestion on this...