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Help with shop floor scheduling

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Help with shop floor scheduling

Postby theair » Fri Oct 28, 2011 6:17 pm

Hi Everyone,

My question is about SAP specifically. We run a make to order business and there are problems arising on the the shop floor

because the routings do not reflect reality.
The Operation sequence (op sequence) for an assembly goes as following; op10,op20,30 and so forth.

There are wait times or queue times between each operation due to the workload already at that workcenter.i.e; after op10

is complete, the assembly may wait on the bench for 2 days until op can finally start.. I need to find a way to put the

wait time in between each operation in SAP so it is taken into account when releasing an order. The benefits will be that I

will start my production on time to meet my deadline and I can analyse to see where my 'waste' is.

I need a solution that(in order of importance):
Is the easiest to implement.
Will not put a wait for ops in the same WorkCentre (WC) e.g. if op10 is at WC1 and op20 and op30 are both at WC2, then

there should be a wait time between op10 and op20 but no wait time between op20 and op30.
Is the easiest to maintain.

I guess in other words the problem could also be stated as simply, I want to have a wait/queue time each time the

WorkCenter changes.
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Re: Help with shop floor scheduling

Postby Kadootty » Sun Oct 30, 2011 9:41 pm


For PS network you can use Time intervals to maintain delays in between activities.

In PP Routing there is a functionality called wait time and also queue time. Please read sap help on these for further details.


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