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Basic dates replaced/adjusted by actual dates

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Basic dates replaced/adjusted by actual dates

Postby JudyCJ » Tue Sep 20, 2011 11:18 pm

Hi Experts,
I am facing an issue with Confirmations.
After every confirmations , the activity basic dates are overwritteb by the actual dates of the respective activity .
I have set the "sHIFT ORDER " Indicator in the scheduling parameters and inspite of it the dates are getting updated.
The requirement is to have the actual dates in the actual dates fields only and not to get populated or overwritten by the basic dates .
Please suggest how this can be achieved.

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Re: Basic dates replaced/adjusted by actual dates

Postby greed » Thu Sep 22, 2011 1:26 am

Hi, Judy!

151551 - Consulting: Scheduling of network:
* Are the activities already finally confirmed?
Finally confirmed activities are no longer scheduled. The actual dates are copied to the activity dates. The durations are calculated from the actual dates.

* Are activities already partially confirmed?
For partially confirmed activities, the remaining duration is scheduled during forwards scheduling after the confirmed actual dates. The earliest start date is calculated from the confirmed actual start date. The earliest finish date is the same as the actual start date plus the forecasted processing time. If when you confirm, you have maintained a finish date for the forecast, scheduling adopts the finish date for the forecast for the earliest finish date. If there is neither a forecasted duration nor a forecasted finish date, the system then takes the planned duration (benchmark) as a starting point and adds it to the actual start date.
The latest dates are not adjusted to the 'actual' situation. The activities - from the start date of the successors - are scheduled backwards with the remaining duration - for the latest start and finish date , so that the buffers can be calculated for the activity.
Exception: If indicator 'Shift order' is activated, the earliest dates are only scheduled with the remining duration, the actual dates of the partially confirmed activities are not taken into account.
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