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DP93- Cross company code billing

Posted: Fri Feb 04, 2011 1:44 am
by Neild

I am trying to bill activities in cross company billing through DP90.
in DIP profile i select 1005 intercompany- line item. i confirmed the activities in through CN25.

i create sales order, account assigned to itself ( so no WBS assigned to it, as per SAP help document).
now when i run TC - DP93, system shows error that-

No expenditure items found
Message no. VPK1310

is there any missing configuration?????????
( i already done setting for intercompany billing as per SD module & maintained clearing account for the company code for cross company cost booking( for transaction BUV & BU2 both,)
In CJ20N- i assign Delivering company code A WBS below the receiving company code B i.e B at top below to it A)

Please let me know is any thing that i am missing?