Settlement of Reserves for immiment Loss

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Settlement of Reserves for immiment Loss

Post by cpsaraogi » Fri Nov 19, 2010 3:00 am


I have as of yet configured the RA for WIP calculation and posting in the system for the Fixed Price scenario as per the business requirement. The system is correctlly calculating the WIP and also correctlly posting the same to the respective GL accounts. However, this is working fine only for cases in Fixed Price scenario when the Project is in profit. That is Planned Revenue is greater than Planned cost.

For the case when planned revenue is smaller than planned revenue, the system is calculating the correct figure for immiment loss in transaction KKA2. However, i am unable to post the loss to a reserve account through transaction CJ88.

Please let me know the correct settings required to be done for settlement of the reserve in Financial Accounting. I have also defined a GL account for the key RIML in transaction OKG8, still the postings are not happening in financial accounting.

Pls help me urgently in this regard as the GO live date is on the 1st of Dec 2010.



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