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Generate Data selection in Report Painter using Z fields

Posted: Fri Nov 12, 2010 12:21 pm
by anamarto
Hi all,

I had created Customer specific fields in project definition and now i want to use them in PS reporting.
I did what note 929889 say to do that, i created structure CI_CC1S and included my Z fileds. Then i entered GRCT and create a new entry: CCSS in field table and in Field name ZZDEPARTAMENTO.
I went to GR22 and modify 6P3 library to check this new characteristics.
In report writer i created the variable with a set , execute report and may new field appears in selection screen, the problem is that the program SAFK21R doesn't consider my new field in the selection so the display is wrong... what is missing? CAn any one help with this issue?
I think it's because structure CCR1S is empty in the Z fields.... what i need to create to report recognize z field as selection options.

Best Regards