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Cross Border Service Support by Technician

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Cross Border Service Support by Technician

Postby sanjay4nanda » Thu Sep 20, 2018 10:42 am


My client has legacy system SPIRIT and SAP ECC and there is interfacing between them through EAI. Now all the input data for example sold to party, ship to party,payer, work centers etc are input in legacy system SPIRIT and when these data are translated through interface then documents( service notification, sales order, service order,service order confirmation,invoice, billing etc) are automatically generated in SAP ECC.

Now the business cases for the requirements are as follows:

Case-1 The Technician of one company code should be able to perform services for a Different Company Code.
A Technician of One Company Code is not able to provide services for another company code in the system .
As of now this Process is carried out Manually
This process Needs to be mapped in the system.

Case-2 The Work done by the Technician will be charged on the respective Company.(Intercompany Invoicing would be done as a part of Netting)
Currently the intercompany invoicing is done should be automated.

There are two company codes for example DK2 & NO3
When DK2 serves its own end customer it takes help from NO3 technician for example NO30A101 and therefore NO3 raises invoice to DK2 for its work done.

Please help to find out the solution for the above two cases.

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