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DP80 for bulk material

PostPosted: Fri Aug 19, 2016 11:37 am
by silly
Hi all,
some material are define as a bulk item on material master data, just for the production process
Customer service needs anyway to deliver and sell them throught a service order process
My problem is that when I add this bulk material as a service order component , I'm not able to create quotation by DP90 ( No expenditure items found )
Reason is that with the flag "bulk " at component level also the field "Costing Relevance" is fix as "Not relevant for costing"
Of couse I can remove the flag and also change the Costing Relevance field ( after this change quotation works ) but as we have a lot of these kind of components, manually adaptation are not convenient and I haven't find any user-exit / enhancement for do that automatically

So my question is ; there is a way for import into the quotation component without "plan cost "
Which should be the right process to be able to offer material , with material number, not manage at stock ?