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Splitting of company code

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Splitting of company code

Postby rmisram » Thu Aug 14, 2014 12:55 am

Hello Guru's

We are at ECC6.0 and a new requirement came to us in terms of company code splitting.
Means in existing system there is one company code consists of 3 plants.Requirement is we need to split this existing comp code and create a new company code (for that we will create a separate client by copying the existing configuration for this comp code and will give new name) after that we will create a new plant also to assign in new comp code (that plant will have the same config as from existing one but with new name).
Once plant and comp code assignment/config will be done in new system we need to migrate the data of old comp code and the concern plant to new one.
Here my actual worry and questions starts: :?

# I am not aware of the migration strategy of SAP-SAP system in terms of what are the points need to be considered before start.

# What need to be taken care from other module perspective like FI/MM.

# What should be the strategy that need to be followed for the Master and Transactional data.

#How to extract data from existing system(any criteria)

# How to migrate the open items those are linked to each other for Example a maintenance order have a notification/open reservation/PR in process

# Is it possible to migrate historic data like Maintenance order have business closure which had all the documents like material doc/PR/PO etc.
Please suggest or guide if some one had already experience this scenario.
Thanks in advance..
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Re: Splitting of company code

Postby PJA » Thu Aug 14, 2014 2:23 am


In future, please cross-reference you SAPFans and SDN posts:

There are loads of post on Google if you search for "SAP splitting company code",

Also, we cannot answer FI/MM questions in this PM forum..

And LSMW is the standard SAP tool for transferring data.
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