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FAQ: PM/CS Reports

Post by PJA » Thu Aug 07, 2008 11:05 am

FAQ: PM/CS Reports & TCodes

Please contribute:

Here is a list of PM/CS reports and transactions:

TCode Transaction Text
/ISDFPS/CPMGOS1 Activate Gen. Obj. Srvc "Chg Auth."
/ISDFPS/DISP_EQU_SIT Display Equipment Level
/ISDFPS/IL07R Multi-Level Reference Location List
/ISDFPS/IL21 Extended Equip. History (Hierarchy)
/ISDFPS/OIUO Multi-Level R.P. List: Ref. Meas. Pt
/ISDFPS/OIX2 Multi-Level R.P. List: Ref. Location
/ISDFPS/OIX8 Multi-Level R.P. List: Class
/ISDFPS/OIX9 Multi-Level R.P. List: Char.
/ISDFPS/OIXA Multi-Level R.P. List: Document
/ISDFPS/ORMNT_MMDOCS Open MM Docs for Maint. Relationship
/ISDFPS/ORMNT_PMDOCS PM Documents for Maintenance Rel.
/ISDFPS/PMCP1 Forward Change Authorization
/ISDFPS/PMDIS2 Generic Maintenance Obj Distribution
/ISDFPS/PMRUECK1 Maintenance Data Redistribution
/OLC/REBUILD_COSTS Rebuild PM/CS order operation costs
ADCO99 Closure of SM Orders
ADPT Component Maintenance Cockpit
ADRE ORF: Results Report
ALM_ME_GETSYNC Display Synchronization Status
ALM_ME_ORDER_STATUS Change Mobile Status for Order
CF25 PRT: PRT Master Usage in PM Order
CF26 PRT: Material Usage in PM Orders
CF27 PRT: Document Usage in PM Orders
CF28 PRT: Equipment Usage in PM Order
DP60 Change Accounting Indicator in LI
DP70 Conversion of Individual Orders
DP95 Resource-Rel. Billing, Coll.Processg
EEWM_SHIFTLOG shift management
EW40_HIERARCHY Multi-level List Proc.for Ord.Hier.
FO8W Change Measurement Documents
FO8X Display Measurement Documents
FO8Z Change Measurement Documents
FO9A Display Measurement Documents
IA04 Display PM/SM Task List (A,E,T)
IA08 Change PM Task Lists
IA09 Display Task Lists
IA10 Display Task Lists (Multilevel)
IA15 Task List Original Change Docs
IA16 Cost Maintenance Task Lists
IA17 Print Maintenance Task Lists
IA18 Display Task Lists by Class Search
IA19 Change Task Lists by Class Search
IA21 Evaluate Task List Change Documents
IBIPA Transaction for BAL of IBIP
IE01 Create Equipment
IE02 Change Equipment
IE03 Display Equipment
IE05 Change Equipment
IE06 Change Equipment
IE07 Equipment List (Multi-level)
IE08 Create Equipment
IE10 Multiple Equipment Entry
IE20 Replacement Equipment Search
IE25 Create Production Resource/Tool
IE31 Create Fleet Object
IE36 Display Vehicles
IE37 Change Vehicles
IH01 Functional Location Structure
IH02 Reference Location Structure
IH03 Equipment Structure
IH04 Equipment Structure
IH05 Material Structure
IH06 Display Functional Location
IH07 Display Reference Location
IH08 Display Equipment
IH09 Display Material
IH10 Display Equipment
IH11 Display Functional Location
IH12 FunctLocation Structure
IH18 Ref. Location List (Multi-Level)
IH20 Where-Used List Time
IH22 Where-Used List Time Interval
IK07 Display Measuring Points
IK07R Display Reference Measuring Point
IK08 Change Measuring Points
IK08R Change Reference Measuring Point
IK17 Display Measurement Documents
IK18 Change Measurement Documents
IK41 Display MeasDocs From Archive
IK51 MeasReading Transfer Structure
IK52 MeasReading Transfer History
IL05 Change Functional Location
IL07 Funct. Location List (Multi-Level)
IL09 User Profile for Labeling
IL10 Reusability of Historical Labels
IL15 Change Reference Location
IL20 Change Functional Location
IL21 Heal from INHB
IN15 Change FunctLoc Object Network
IN16 Display Object Network for FunctLoc
IN18 Change Object Network for Equipment
IN19 Display Object Network for Equipment
INOT Create SM/PM Notification IDoc
IP13 Package Order
IP14 Where-Used List by Strategy
IP15 Change Maintenance Plan
IP16 Display Maintenance Plan
IP17 Change Maintenance Item
IP18 Display Maintenance Item
IP19 Maintenance scheduling overview
IP24 Scheduling overview list form
IP25 Set deletion flag for maint. plans
IP30 MaintSchedule Date Monitoring
IP31 Maintenance Plan Cost Display
IP51 Maintenance contract item lists
IP62 Material Where-Used List: Task Lists
IPM2 Change Permit
IPM3 Display Permit
IPMD Maintain/Display Permits
IQ01 Create Material Serial Number
IQ02 Change Material Serial Number
IQ03 Display Material Serial Number
IQ04 Create Material Serial Number
IQ08 Change Material Serial Number
IQ09 Display Material Serial Number
IQSP Split software license
IRF2 Optimal Rotable Float: Initial scree
IRF4 ORF: Maintain Ess. Code Table
IRF5 ORF: Batch Processing
IRF6 Batch Processing Report
IW12 Document flow list
IW13 Material Where-used List
IW27 Set deletion flag f. PM notification
IW30 Notification List (Multi-Level)
IW37 Change Operations
IW37N Change Orders and Operations
IW38 Change PM Orders
IW39 Display PM orders
IW39_PM_ORDER1 Detail Display for Mini-App PM_ORDER
IW39_PM_ORDER2 Variant Maint. for Mini-App PM_ORDER
IW39_WP IW39 - Call from Workplace/Mini-App
IW3M List of Goods Movements for Order
IW40 Display Orders (Multi-Level)
IW47 Confirmation List
IW48 Confirmation using operation list
IW49 Display Operations
IW49N Display Orders and Operations
IW57 Set Deletion Flag For Notification
IW64 Change Activities
IW65 Display activities
IW66 Change Tasks
IW67 Display Tasks
IW72 Change Service Order
IW73 Display Service Order
IW74 Change Contract for Serviceable Item
IW75 Display Serviceable Item Contract
IWBK Material availability information
MCIZ PMIS: Vehicle Consumption Analysis
MCJB MTTR/MTBR for Equipment
MCJC FunctLoc: Mean Time Between Repair
ODP1 DIP Profile
ODP2A DIP Profile:Multiple Consist. Checks
OIB9 TL list - production resource/tool
OIBC List Task Lists (M.-Lev.) Eqpmt Data
OIBD List Task Lists (M.-Level) Loc. Data
OIBY List Display of Goods Movements
OICY Application ID for PM
OIDA PM Shop Papers for Notifications
OIDB PM Shop Papers by Notification Type
OIDC PM Notifs - User-SpecifPrintControl
OIDD PM Print Diversion for NotifPapers
OIDE PM NotifPrintDivers. by FldContent
OIDF PM Shop Papers for Orders
OIDG PM Shop Papers by Order Type
OIDH PM Orders - User-SpecifPrintControl
OIDI PM Shop Paper Print Diversion
OIDJ PM OrdPrintDivers. by FldContent
OIDP PD Order - Define Shop Papers
OIDQ PD Shop Papers by Order Type
OIDR PD Order - User Specif. Print Contrl
OIDS PD Print Diversion f. Shop Papers
OIDT PD Order Print Diversion by FldConts
OIDV Download SAP Tables into MS Access
OIDW Download catalog profile
OIFL Vehicle List
OIGN List Editing of Permits
OIL6 Operation Default Value Profiles
OIM3 Order Type by NotifType
OIMN Customizing setting table TQSCR
OIOE Operation No. - AutoIncrement
OIOF Costing Parameters
OIOR Order Completion Confirmation
OIR0 Task lists (multi-lvl)- Test eqpmt
OIR1 FieldSel. PartnType Customer
OIR2 FieldSel. PartnType Vendor
OIR3 FieldSel. PartnType Personnel No.
OIR4 FieldSel. PartnType Contact Person
OIR5 FieldSel. PartnType OrganiznUnit
OIR6 FieldSel. PartnType Position
OIR7 FieldSel. PartnType User
OIR8 Field Selection for General Address
OIRA Field selectn serial no. RefurbOrder
OIRB PM Object Contracts
OIRC Multi-Level EquipList - Permit
OIRE Field Sel. Serial No. Product. Order
OIRE0 Field Sel. Serial No. Handling Unit
OIRE1 Field Selection Serial No. Inventory
OIRF Measuring Point List
OIRG Multi-Level Order List - Permit
OIRH Order List (M.-Lev.) - Iss. Permits
OIRI Location List (Multi-Level) - Permit
OIRL Measurement Document List
OIRM FieldSelect. Ser.No. Goods Movement
OIRN FieldSelect. Ser.No. Delivery
OIRO FieldSelect. Ser.No. Inspection Lot
OIRP FieldSelect. Ser.No. Sales Order
OIRQ FieldSelect. Ser.No. PM Order
OIRR Field Sel. Serial No PM Notification
OIRS Multi-level Order List: Sub-Orders
OIRT List Task Lists (M.-Level) - Header
OIRU List Task Lists (M.-Lev) - Operation
OIRV List Task Lists (M.-Lev.) - Sub-Optn
OIRW List Task Lists (M.-Lev.) - Relships
OIRX List Task Lists (M.-Lv) - Components
OIRZ List Task Lists (M.-Lv) - Maint.Pkg.
OIS3 Task Lists (Multi-lvl)- ServPackages
OIS4 Task List (Mul.lev.) - ObjectDepend.
OIUB Field Sel. Equipment Usage List
OIUC Equipment List - CS
OIUF Functional Location List - CS
OIUG Service Order List
OIUI Order List - CS
OIUK Order list (multi-lev.) - goods mvmt
OIUL Order list (multi-lev.)-relationship
OIUN Order list (multi-lev.) costs/rev.
OIUO Func.loc.list (multi-lev)-meas.point
OIUOR R.P. List (Multilev.)- Ref. Meas.Pt
OIUP Func.loc.list (multi-lev)-meas.doc.
OIUQ Equi.list(multi-lev)-measuring point
OIUR Equi.list(multi-lev)-measuring doc.
OIVN Maintenance Plan No. Ranges
OIW0 Detail Info (MaintPlan)
OIW1 Activities list display
OIW3 List of Order Confirmations
OIW5 Maintenance dates list display
OIW6 FunctLocation list - PM
OIW7 Reference location list
OIW8 Material List
OIWD Object Networks - Objects (FL)
OIWE Equipment Structure Display
OIWI PM Notification List
OIWK CS Notification List
OIWL PM order list
OIWM Component Structural Display
OIWO List of PM task lists
OIWP Functional Location Structure
OIWQ Installed Base Structural Display
OIWR Reference Location Structure
OIWU PM Operation List
OIWUN Order- and Operation List
OIWW Maintenance plan list
OIWY Maintenance item list
OIX2 Multi-Lev.FunctLocList - FunctLoc.
OIX2R R.P. List (Multilevel) - Ref. Locat
OIX3 Multi-Lev.FunctLocList - EquipUsage
OIX4 Multi-Lev.FunctLocList - Equipment
OIX5 Multi-Lev.FunctLocList - Partners
OIX6 Multi-Lev.FunctLocList - Notifictn
OIX7 Multi-Lev.FunctLocList - Order
OIX8 Multi-Lev.FunctLocList - Class
OIX8R R.P. List (Multilevel): Class
OIX9 Multi-Lev.FunctLocList - Chrctrstic
OIX9R R.P. List (Multilev)- Characteristic
OIXA Multi-Lev.FunctLocList - Document
OIXAR R.P. List (Multilevel) - Document
OIXB Multi-Lev.FunctLocList - Object Link
OIXC Multi-Lev.EquipList - Equipment
OIXD Multi-Lev.EquipList - EquipUsage
OIXE Multi-Level EqList - FunctLocation
OIXF Multi-Lev.EquipList - Partners
OIXG Multi-Lev.EquipList - Notification
OIXH Multi-Lev.EquipList - Order
OIXI Multi-Lev.EquipList - Class
OIXJ Multi-level EqList - Characteristic
OIXK Multi-level EqList - Document
OIXL Multi-level EqList - Object Link
OIXM Multi-Level NotifList - Notification
OIXN Notif. List (M.-Lev.) - Funct. Loc.
OIXO Notif. List (Multi-Lev.) - Equipment
OIXP Multi-Level NotifList - Partners
OIXQ Notif. List (Multi-Level) - Item
OIXR Multi-Level NotifList - Activity
OIXS Multi-Level NotifList - Class
OIXT Notif. List (Multi-Lev.) - Charact.
OIXU Notif. List (Multi-Level) - Task
OIXV Multi-Level NotifList - Order
OIXW Multi-Level Order List - Order
OIXX Multi-Level Order List - FunctLoc.
OIXY Multi-Level Order List - Equipment
OIXZ Multi-Level Order List - Notif.
OIY9 Scheduling Overview
OIYC Equipment list
OIYG Confirmations list for PM operations
OIYH Serial number list
OIYJ Object Links - Objects (EQ)
OIYL Detail Info (Order Operation)
OIYM Details (Order Header)
OIYP Multi-Level Order List - Partners
OIYQ Multi-Level Order List - Operation
OIYR Multi-Level Order List - Component
OIYS Multi-Level Order List - CompConf.
OIYT Multi-Level Order List - PRTs
OIYV Notifictn list (multi-level) - cause
OIYW List of Tasks
OIYZ Notification Item List
OLI5 PMIS Statistical Setup
OLPM Set Up: Plant Maintenance IS
OPST Network Confirmation Parameters
OQBA Variants-maintain all-QINF in DB
OQI3 Storage Data Maintenance
OQI4 Customize Lot Selection for QA32/33
OQI5 List of control charts for insp. lot
OQI6 List of control charts for task list
OQI7 Results Recording Worklist: New
OQI8 Work list variant automatic UD
OQI9 Cntrl chart lists for master charac.
OQIA Maintain variant: Q-level evaluation
OQIC Work list variant for results rec.
OQID Order maint. variant for material
OQIE Usage var. for QM order in material
OQIF Customize Lot Selection for QVM1
OQIG Customize Lot Selection for QVM2
OQIH Customize Lot Selection for QVM3
OQII Customize Lot Selection for QA16
OQIJ Field select. maintain results hist.
OQIK Field sel. PhysSampDraw with ref.
OQIL Field sel. insp. lots for physSamps
OQIM Field sel. deletion program Q-levels
OQIN Results recording for insp. points
OQIO Results recording for insp. lots
OQIP Results recording for insp. charac.
OQIQ Results recording variant for sample
OQIR Results recording variant for equip.
OQIS Res. recording variant for fnct. Loc
OQIT Settings for Insp. Method List
OQIU Settings for Master Insp. Char. List
OQIV Results History for Task List Charac
OQIW Results History for Task List Charac
OQIX Test Equipment Usage List
OQIY Test Equipment Tracking
OQNC Set field selection for notif. list
OQND Set field selection for task list
OQNE Set field selection for item list
OQNF Variant: Work list activities
OQNL Field selec. multi-lvl list - notif.
OQNM Field selec. mul.lev. list - partner
OQNN Field selec. mul.level list - item
OQNO Field selec. multi-lvl list - activ.
OQNP Field selec. multi-level list - task
OQNU Multi-lev. list fld selection-cause
OQS8 Customizing for IQS8
OQS9 Customizing for IQS9
OXA1 List: Service Master Records
QGD1 Test Equipment Usage List
WCC1 Maintain Conflict Rules
WCC2 Assistant for Model Selection
WCC3 Generate Basic Settings
WCC8 Assign Technical Objects
WCC9 Assign Operational Conditions
WCCA Generate Print Settings
WCCB Create/Delete Applications
WCI1 WCM: Check - WCCO
WCI3 WCM: Check - WCCO <-> WCCOR
WCI4 WCM: Check - WCCA
WCL1 WCM: WCD Template (List Editing)
WCL2 WCM: WCD Template (List Editing)
WCL3 WCM: Op. WCD (List Editing)
WCL4 WCM: Op. WCD (List Editing)
WCL5 WCM: WCA (List Editing)
WCL6 WCM: WCA (List Editing)
WCL7 WCM: WAPI (List Editing)
WCL8 WCM: WAPI (List Editing)
WCL9 WCM: WAP (List Editing)
WCLA WCM: WAP (List Editing)
WCLB WCM: (Multi-Level List Editing)
WCLC WCM: WCD (List Editing)
WCLD WCM: WCD (List Editing)
WCLE WCM: (Multi-Level List Editing)
WCLF WCM: Operational Log
WCLG WCM: Change Operational Lists
WCLH WCM: Display Operational Lists
WCTP WCM: Assignment of WAP
WCTQ WCM: Assignment of WCA
WCTR WCM: Assignment of Operational WCD
WCTS WCM: Assignment of WAPI
WCTU WCM: Assignment of Order
WCW1 WCM: 'DLFL' Status Conversion
WPS2 Create Order as Report

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