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2 way match service PO commitment update

Posted: Mon Sep 10, 2018 3:14 pm
by 7cows
I enter a service PO with item category D and account assignment for network. This PO has an expected value and overall value entered.
Overall Value: 11,0000
Expected Value: 10,000

I enter a service no. for this PO NOT a service entry sheet - so NO GR) with 0.01 value.

When I run cji5 the plan value shows as 10,000 and the Value shows as 10,000 - which is good.

I enter an invoice for this PO for 6,000. In CJI5 the value still shows as 10,000 instead for showing 4,000 and is not reduced by the 6,000.

Any ideas on how to reduce the commitment when the invoice is entered without entering a service entry sheet.