Handing Tariff charges during goods receipt for POs

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Handing Tariff charges during goods receipt for POs

Post by Anandj » Fri Aug 10, 2018 1:10 am

Hello ,

We have a requirement to handle tariff charges as follows . We need to Pay this tariff to vendor .

Material price control = Standard price .

Standard price maintained in material master = $10 per EA

Price maintained in PO as follows

PB00 = $10

Surcharge Condition Type ZT01 (25% of PB00) = $2.5

Net Price in PO = $12.5

During GR we want the system posting as follows .

Dr Stock A/C= $10

Cr GR/IR A/C = $12.5

Dr Tariff A/C = $2.5

As per standard behavior $2.5 is posted to PPV . However in our case we want this $2.5 to post to Tariff account so that we can use this for duty drawback when we export .

Kindly let us know if this requirement can be achieved with standard pricing procedure or with any custom development . If yes , please elaborate.

Thanks in advance for your immediate response .

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