Change width of Document Overview in ME21n

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Change width of Document Overview in ME21n

Post by olatornblom » Mon Aug 06, 2018 8:15 am

Hello guys

I have a problem, I cannot change the view width of the Document overview in ME21n (and ME22/23n...).
Once I log into those transactions, the Doc overview appears but very narrow in the left pane. I cannot extend it to the right in any way.

I know it is table ESDUS controlling the width (I have the width set to: ESDUS-ELEMENT=40, but it is way to narrow. I would like to have 280 instead of 40...) that is displayed, but how can I change table EDSUS without using SE16N or similar?
There must be some kind of transaction where I can either set ESDUS to standard width or key in whatever width I prefer?

I also know that I can change the width by extending Document Overview to the right or decreasing width to the left, and then save through Personal Settings. But in my case the width has gotten to narrow in the first place so I can no longer change it on screen.


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