Subcontracting within the same Group

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Subcontracting within the same Group

Post by akrason » Thu Jun 14, 2018 9:52 am


I ask deliberately this question on Logistic MM discussion stream as SAP SE always presents subontracting of a production order only as an outgoing process.
But while operating within the same group of companies, we can also receive as a manufacturing site such components from our "brother client".
Even worse: the same component from several such "clients".
The question is then what best practice you might have experienced when it comes to:
1. identifying,
2. valuating,
3. moving and
4. auditing
the stock which formally does not belong to you while you perform the job subcontracted to you.

What features (consignment, non-valuated, other?) have you used and within what scope?
I would appreciate any non-theoretical or ppt-like comment.

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