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attach manually created PO to Sales order

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attach manually created PO to Sales order

Postby chaturn9 » Sat Dec 16, 2017 10:36 am

hi folks,
Can you please help in following process.
our business is not willing to handle it through conventional MRP.

The Sales order will come for quantity (x). we might have some in stock (y) so that qty will be assigned to this sales order and for the
remaining, we will create PO (x-Y). Business wants this PO to be assigned to Sales order. i think only way to attach PO to SO is via
account assignment (C or M). So Process is partial from stock and partial from Purchase-to-Order.

Problem is that in typical Purchase-to-Order, SO will have a item category that will generate a requistion/PO.. but in this case, we will need
to have a normal category on SO as we might have some in stock. So we will need to create a PO manually and then assign it to Sales Order.

The other option is that we have SO with PTO Item category that creates req for x.. and then we reduce the requisition later by y. I tried
but you cannot reduce a requsition created from SO.

So, I have been trying to attach a PO to SO by putting account assignment M. I am not sure if SAP was designed for attaching Manually
created PO to SO but it almost works. the problem is that when you receive PO, it goes to special Stock (E), but when we try to deliver SO, it is not
seeing this stock at all..

Can you please advise if it is oK to be attaching manually created PO to SO.. and how can i deliver the SO from same stock..
Or any other process to handle this?

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Re: attach manually created PO to Sales order

Postby Frank Lai » Wed Jan 17, 2018 8:52 am


Wouldn't it be simpler if you change the first SO line to be exactly the amount of inventory you have and then create a second SO line for the remaining item and set the item category to TAB( or you Z equivalent) and let SAP create the PR and PO which will be automatically attached to the SO?

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