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GRN done with Mvt 101 & Spetial type 'O'

PostPosted: Thu Aug 03, 2017 3:21 am
by Sapfann
Hi Team members,
In PO for receiving materials from Supplier, in 'Delivery Address' tab of PO, I have maintained delivery address of Sub-Con Vendor.
Sub-Con Vendor is the person who will receive this material on behalf of my Plant. At my Plant, I will prepare GRN with Mvt 101 & Special type 'O'.
With this GRN posted, stock of the material in MB52 will be showing in the Plant, but with Special Indicator 'O' (Parts provided to Vendor).

My Sub-Con vendor will perform a jobwork on this material and then by raising another PO on Sub-Con vendor, I will collect the processed material.

At Sub-Con vendor place, after preparing GRN with Mvt 101 & Special type 'O', is there is a need to create a SubCon Challan....?
Please let me know the t-codes and steps involved in creating SubCon challan for this case.