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Error while PGI from ADSUBCON transaction

PostPosted: Thu Jul 06, 2017 4:29 am
by Nainar811
Hi Experts,

We have created the Delivery for the Sub Contracting PO using the transaction ADSUBCON but when I try to PGI for the delivery, its throwing the error message as below:

Goods issue for purchase order 4500000064 00010 not possible

Message no. AD_SUBCON072


The material stock is already transfered to the subcontractor.


Check the material documents, if goods issue for the purchase order is still possible.

But when I check the stock, there is no goods issue posted against this PO / delivery the vendor.
But if I try via VL02N, am able to post the PGI for the same delivery.

The Transaction is added in the Mvt Type 541 as well , but still am not able to PGI from ADSUBCON

Can you please help me is fixing this issue?