Source list defaulting Inter Company Vendor code

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Source list defaulting Inter Company Vendor code

Post by Anandj » Thu Mar 30, 2017 10:48 pm

Hello ,
Source list requirement has been set in IMG for our plant . Hence I need to create source list for Intra company stock transfer (between plants belonging to same
company code ) . Wen I try to enter the supplying plant (PPL ) in the source list , the corresponding intercompany Vendor code (T001W-LIFNR) is getting defaulted in
the Vendor field (EORD-LIFNR) . I dont want this Inter company Vendor code pertaining to my supplying plant to get defaulted in the Vendor field of the source list and wanted this field to be blank . As per my understanding, for intra company transfer, vendor code in the source list is not required and only the supplying plant needs to be filled .
Not sure if this a standard behavior of the system and is there is any exit or BADI available to clear this intercompany vendor in the source list ?

with regards ,

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