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WM - Stock Allocated to Multiple Transfer Orders for Removal

PostPosted: Wed Mar 15, 2017 2:53 am
by LGL
We have just implemented WMS in our Plant. Removal strategy is set to FIFO.

MaterialA, Batch1 existed in 2 storage bins, ie. bin1 and bin2 with quantity 504 ea and 1368 ea respectively.

User did a material document to transfer 864 ea from warehouse storage location to non storage location. System auto generated the first TO to remove 504 ea from bin1 and 360 ea from bin2.

Before the first TO is confirmed, user created a similar material document to transfer another 576 ea for the same material same batch number. Second TO is auto generated to remove 504 ea from bin1 and 72 from bin2.

Adding both the TO together, we will need to remove 1008 ea from bin1 but bin1 has only quantity of 504 ea. This will cause error when user tries to confirm the second TO.

Can anyone tell me why the 2nd TO generated did not propose to remove all the required quantity (ie 576) from bin2 since logically, bin1 stock is already allocated to first TO but it instead proposed to take from bin1 also?

Is there some sort of "reservation" of stock per TO for removal so that there is no overlapping of stock removal among TO? Is there any possible missing config?