Forecast-Based Planning with BOM components needs to add

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Forecast-Based Planning with BOM components needs to add

Post by alltimefan » Wed Jan 18, 2017 3:56 am

Hello SAP friends

I work on forecast directy upload on material master data, my MRP type is VV.
My client say: I want to create bunddle (BOM) with a products set.
I want to do my forecast on the header, so the bundle, and the components are extra calls off.
So the total is the clasic material forecast + the material as component to add
As I am not on Deterministic planning planing, the MRP doesn't see the material on BOM as an extra need. I should cover my total requierement by the forecast but the business here doesn't work that way.
They want to separate both of them and forecast are done by a specific injection tool
I see my componant on RESB table, but no add to the forecast
Is there any trick to generate PIR, planned oreder or better like purchase order
or if you have any idea to get a smoothed aggregation of them

thanks for your input in advance

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