Interco PO and Intero SO

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Interco PO and Intero SO

Post by SSK2 » Sat Dec 03, 2016 4:20 pm

I have scenario involving 3 company codes in a two 2 leg processes - Interco PO (leg1 ) and Interco SO (leg 2).

3 Company Codes AAAA BBBB CCCC
3 Plants 123 456
1 Customer - - Cust1
1 Interco Vendor ICVEN1

Cust1 places order on Company Code CCCC
Physical flow Plant 123 (warehouse) ships directly to CUST1
System flow SO-PR-STO PO – DO-PGI (phy plant 123 Vendor ICVEN1) GR(101)+DO-PGI (601) @ virtual plant 456 – all 3 steps automatedCUST1 (receives)

Finance flow below and looks fine
Finance I/C PO between AAAA-BBBB - leg1 (Vendor ICVEN1 ; ship plant 123 - Recev. plant 456)
Finance I/C SO between BBBB-CCCC - leg2 (ship plant 456 and Received by Cust1)

What should be my A/c assignment and Item Cat be in Interco PO. I tested with PO A/C assignment “M” or “C” and Item cat <blank>,but not able to do GR at Plant 456. Interco SO process looks okay.

Please suggest.

thanks in advance

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