Issue with account assignment

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Issue with account assignment

Post by icemtl » Fri Nov 04, 2016 10:45 am


The scenario is as follow:

We have a dropship PO using a non-valuated article. There is no GR, simply PO --> MIRO. We use account assignment category Y (third party) with item category S.

We assigned one G/L to the GBB key which gets pulled during PO creation. In the calculation schema, we have a base price (PB00) and a vendor discount condition (ZDSC). A custom accounting key is assigned to condition ZDSC and in account assignment that key is attached to a specific G/L.

During MIRO, we would expect the base value of PB00 to post to the G/L attached to key GBB and the value of the discount to post to the other G/L. The issue is the entire item value gets posted to the single GBB account.

Is it possible to have PB00 value post to one account and the value of the discount ZDSC post to another G/L during MIRO ?

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Re: Issue with account assignment

Post by Ha Tran » Wed Dec 14, 2016 12:26 am


Unfortunately, this is not feasible as your discount condition type ZDSC has been defined as part of the planned condition type of in the pricing schema and therefore, all item values are allocated to the same P&L GBB account


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