Outgoing IDoc for PO

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Outgoing IDoc for PO

Post by akrason » Thu Apr 07, 2016 11:18 am

Hi (again after quite a while),

Due to pricing considerations in Interco ALE communication context I need to push original SO number and item line of Interco Customer company via its own linked PO which is creating SO in Interco Vendor company.
I use ORDERS05 and have a difficulty to identify the right segments for SO number and line item number, let's say 200003125 100.
My guess would be E1EDP01 but I do not know which qualifier is to be used.
I would apperciate the right hint.

Update 2016/04/13: As quite a few of you looked up my message without a chance to give me an answer I would like to share with you my workaround. I decided to use IHREZ only where I concatenate VBAK-VBELN and VBAP-POSNR for the outgoing IDoc from customer company. The reverse will then be done in incoming IDoc at vendor company.

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