Issue in bulk quantity

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Issue in bulk quantity

Post by Sharpshooter » Mon Mar 14, 2016 3:14 pm

Any recommendations on how to best handle the following:
We have electrical wire with a base UOM of Feet. Purchased in 500FT roll. This is handled fine with inforecord minimum order qty & rounding values.
A production order might require 20FT of wire. We want to transfer the entire roll out of WM to the production supply area (or storage type/bin), let the wireman use the amount he needs and return the roll back to the warehouse. Is there a way to create the TR/TO for the quantity corresponding to what remains on the roll?
The IM transaction will be for the actual amount used in FT. In this scenario, a roll obviously can have any number of FT remaining. Once a roll gets down below commonly used length, it will either be scrapped or issued to the last production order.
We do not want to issue the entire roll out of IM because MRP will trigger replenishment unnecessarily.

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Re: Issue in bulk quantity

Post by eibrahimovic » Thu Mar 17, 2016 5:33 pm


If your BOM unit is FT than by backflushing it will be booked on PO only what is in BOM and rest you can book back from production storage location to raw material warehouse. Your production storage location must to be MRP relevant because MRP must to see tranferred stock. But if your BOM unit is the same like purchasing unit roll, than you must to create conversion unit from roll to FT (in material master) and to change BOM unit to FT. Than when you make good recive from purchasing order, if you have on order two roles, you will get on the stock 1000 FT of wire, than to use process like is explained on beginning.

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