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[RESOLVED] Issue Copying Purchase Requisition Price Onto PO

Posted: Thu Jan 07, 2016 6:48 am
by Squarebear
We have configuration so that we copy the price from PRs onto our POs. It "works" but we have identified the following problem.

1. Create a PR for an item priced £100
2. Create a PO with reference to the PR, item is priced at £100.
3. Save the PO.

...later we agree a price change...
4. Amend PO price. Item now priced at £200.
5. Save PO.

...later we change a random field on the PO...
6. Tick (for example) description.
7. Price gets redetermined back to £100.

We don't want step 7 to occur. Price should remain as £200.

Is this configurable?

RESOLUTION: I found we had a BADI (definition ME_DEFINE_CALCTYPE) where we were determining CALCTYPE = B, hence triggering the redetermination of pricing.