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VLPOD authorization issue

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VLPOD authorization issue

Postby Teabag » Thu Apr 30, 2015 2:27 am

Dear Gurus,

we have an authorization issue when posting transfer of title with trx VLPOD in an intercompany stock transport process. We run ERP 6.0 EHP5.

This is our process:
1. create an intercompany stock transport purchase order with type NBC2 or NBC3 (we have both business processes)
2. Sending site does outbound shipping activities (pick, pack, post goods issue)
3. Goods are in transit
4.Transfer of ownership / Goods receipt:
in an NBC3 scenario, we post transfer of ownership with VLPOD when the goods arrive at customs clearance, and MIGO_GR (with mvt 109) when goods arrive at the receiving site
in an NBC2 scenario, we post both transfer of ownership and goods receipt with trx VLPOD upon arrival of the goods at the receiving site

Here our authorization issue:
With trx VLPOD ONE material movement document is created which posts both in the sending site and in the receiving site at once:
in case of NBC3 it posts 685 T (-) in the sending site and 107 (+) in the receiving site
in case of NBC2 it posts 685 T (-) in the sending site and 101 (+) in the receiving site

Consequently the user which posts VLPOD needs authorization for both sending site and receiving site, and movement types 685 T, 107 and/or 101. In our authorization concept this is highly unwanted. (Because we understood in the standard SAP concept each authorization object is checked separately, thus e.g. the user in the sending site would be able to perform his outbound shipping trx as well in the receiving site, for which he/she is authorized because of VLPOD).

We would like to understand how other companies deal with this issue. Any input is highly appreciated!
Thank you very much.
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