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Archving in SAP

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Archving in SAP

Postby Pip » Tue Oct 22, 2002 2:02 am

Hi - This is a general question on archiving. Our client has been running SAP for over 2 years now and the system performance has started to be effected due to the size of the database. They have asked us to look into the archving options available to them.

We currently have not been around long enough on a clients site to be discussing archiving as we have normally moved onto the next client.

SAP have identified their best solution as being the Packaged Solution route which is 45k to project manage, implement, document etc the full archiving process for 1 SAP module and it's objects. The idea being that you are part of the project team and the knowledge is passed on to you and you can complete further objects yourself. Hardware such as the archive server and a optical jukebox are purchased by the client. This package will allow SAPSCRIPTS to be saved to the archive box in PDF format. This process can be set up within 7 days fully functional. The archive server uses EASY SOFTWARE to manage the server, communication links and PDF reporting.

The other option is doing the SARA transaction process yourself - has anyone done this, does it take much time to set up? Also it would need setting up to link to a server and optical jukebox. Down sides to this basic option is that you would not be able to re-produce SAPSCRIPT copies of purchase orders etc.

The final option would be to invlove a third party such as IXOS. If anyone has used a third party some approx costs would be useful.

Any information on how archiving was implemented would be of use.

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