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SO for different plant is appearing in MMBE

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SO for different plant is appearing in MMBE

Postby nagaret01 » Fri Dec 12, 2014 12:55 am

Dear MM Experts,

Material : A
Plant : 1140

1 qty at Unrestricted under Sales Order Stock.

Double Click on [Sales Order Stock]
I see the Sales Order number
1 qty is used by Sales 207120

Checked VA03 207120

Document Flow - all fully completed.
Rush Order 207120
WMS Transfer Order
GD Good Issue

Checked the VA03 207120
Only 1 line Item
Material A and Qty 1
[Shipping] tab shows Plant 6110 and Storage Location is empty

CO09 also shows SO in plant 1140

The SO plant and MMBE/CO09 plant is different

Action Taken
But this does not remove the SO from MMBE

How to remove this wrong SO from MMBE list
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Re: SO for different plant is appearing in MMBE

Postby Sharpshooter » Mon Dec 15, 2014 12:04 pm

You should contact SAP support.
Good luck!
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Re: SO for different plant is appearing in MMBE

Postby nagaret01 » Thu Apr 02, 2015 2:54 am


Material : PS20041054000
Plant : 1140

It shows that there is 1 qty which belongs to serial no 11556282

You will like to know why when you list [serial number] in MMBE
You get more than 1 serial number
You want to know why, is that right?

Beside the above question, I would just like to discuss about the 1 qty that you see in MMBE.
I will come back to your question on Serial Number.

Actually this 1 qty that you see in MMBE is not an unrestricted qty, it is being held by SO 207120

I checked this SO (Rush Order Type SO) 207120, it is fully completed

I do not think this SO should appear in the MMBE

There is a program to remove the hold qty in MD04 for SO 207120, this order is fully completed
Shall we apply it?

Stock Overview – Serial Number List
From MMBE screen or tcode IQ09

This list would be showing all available serial number.
There are status EDEL ESTO and ESTO

For the ones in ESTO, I would look for history to find out what happened with this equipment

The status EDEL ESTO is telling you that this quantity is now in a delivery that is not PGIed

To move from one plant to the other, you can use a regular sloc to sloc movement type 311 would work

Check EDEL
Here I show you one sample of Serial Number for checking, this is what I did

IQ03 for randomly picked Serial number 11782864 with EDEL ESTO

IQ03 > Display Status

It says here, it is available at warehouse but it is assigned to a delivery, so you cannot use it.

If you double click on the Serial number at the MMBE serial number list

Click on [history]

You will see the serial number history list. Here you can see the DO number

Display the Delivery Number

You will see that the delivery is in being processed status.
The serial number is available at warehouse but not available to be used (unrestricted)


I tried to execute this program SDRQCR21
But it does not work.

Normally this program is used to clear any inconsistency between requirements like sales order got deleted but still appears in MD04.
If we run this program it will clear the SO.

But this SO is fully completed with PGI done.

I also noticed that inside the SO, the plant is 6110 but for MMBE we are executing for plant 1140

I will check further on this.
This program SDRQCR21 does not seem to work for this scenario.
And why SO for different plant is appearing in MMBE

1. MB51 Material Document List
for material PS20041054000 / plant 1140 / sales order 207120.

2. Found one material document 4904275784 2012 was posted for this sales order 207120 on plant 1140 for this material PS20041054000 on 23.03.2012.

3. With Movement Type is 701 E. Transaction code on the header of this material document is MIGO_GI.

This movement type 701 can ONLY be posted via physical inventory difference posting (MI07).
It is not recommended to use it as manual posting by other transaction like MIGO or MB1C
Material document with Movement Type 701 cannot be reversed by using MBST.

If there is really no actual stock quantity existing on plant 1140 for material PS20041054000 against the sales order 207120, please post another manual posting by movement type 702 E in MIGO_GI to remove this stock quantity.
Once this step is completed there will no stock inconsistency for material PS20041054000 on plant 1140.
Action Taken
I noticed that Movement Type 702 has been done by Klauspeter Korhn Cortés
On 29th Dec

Result of Movement Type 702

Before movement Type 702 the stock overview MMBE for plant 1140 displayed as following screen
It had the sales order stock of 1 qty appearing

After movement type 702, the MMBE now does not have any more Sales Order Stock

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