WM - what is best practice for "fixed boxes" in SAP ECC

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WM - what is best practice for "fixed boxes" in SAP ECC

Post by learning_sap » Fri Sep 26, 2014 3:58 am

a) What is the proper SAP term for "fixed boxes" e.g. boxes with a fixed barcode, that are used again-and-again in a physical warehouse?
Some call such boxes "returnable totes", although I am not sure this is the only term they go by.

b) What is SAP best practice in SAP ECC 6.0x for managing these "fixed boxes"?

We are on ECC 6.05, and using WM already. In addition we use handling unit functionality, having set handling unit = Storage Unit.
We are considering using SSCC numbering on the "fixed boxes, however concerned about the "HU history growing longer-and-longer" over time.

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Re: WM - what is best practice for "fixed boxes" in SAP ECC

Post by thiswayup » Mon Sep 29, 2014 9:16 am

I'm not sure there is an official term for "fixed boxes" or containers with fixed bar-codes, because I'm not really sure SAP fully anticipated that such things might exist - the whole design of HUs seems to be that these would be pallets or similar and would be given new numbers each time they were refilled from empty....

If you are using these containers as SUs only, you can readily re-use an SU number (number definition must allow external assignment); the only issue is that, if the SU is emptied in WM, it is removed from the database so you will lose track of it. Obviously there is no history in this case.

If you are using these containers as HUs, then you may encounter problems as SAP may not allow you to re-use the same HU (same EXIDV) if it has been used on a previous process. You would have to check out all the scenario combinations where the HU is issued from and then receipted back into SAP. If there are restrictions, consider using HU identifier 2 (EXIDV2) to carry the re-used bar-code.

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