Clearing negative stock after difference posting in LI21

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Clearing negative stock after difference posting in LI21

Post by Anandj » Mon May 16, 2011 11:58 am

Hi All ,

I am performing goods issue to cost center using 201 movement . Transfer created and posted with difference in WM . The difference is cleared in LI21 using 711 movement type . Still negative stock exist in 911 storage type and I need to create transfer order manually to clear this negative stock in 911 . Is there is a way to automate this transfer order for 711 movement type from IM so that the negative stock exist in 911 can be automatically cleared .

Thanks in advance for your valuable inputs in this regard .

with regards,
Joseph Anand B

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Re: Clearing negative stock after difference posting in LI21

Post by svetja » Mon May 16, 2011 2:44 pm

The difference storage type to be cleared with LI21 is usually the storage type 999.

if you issue in inventoy managment 200 kg to a cost center
then you get a negative 200 kg in storage type 911 and a transfer request to move 200 kg from your bins to 911.
if you pick only 150 kg because there is not more quantity in the bins and confirm this with difference,
then you move 150 to 911, and 50 to 999. so you still have -50 in 911.

if you then clear differences, then you just clear the differences in 999 storage type, which reduces your inventory managment stock as well for 50 kg.

however, this clearing does not reduce the goods issue to cost center. It is not designed to do it. you have to cancel the goods issue in inventory managment by 50 with movement type 202, this will clear the negative stock in 911 storage type.
you issued more than you had, that is not correct, and you need to reverse this and post the correct goods issued quantity.
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