Tables/s from where MIRO pulls data from?

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Tables/s from where MIRO pulls data from?

Post by sapnov05 » Fri May 06, 2011 6:53 am


Can anyone guide me on which tables MIRO pulls it's data from at the time when we enter the PO number in the MIRO screen? Not where it pots to, but where it gets the data for validation from. When we do MIRO, then against each PO there can be many such lines and they do indeed come up in the Details line by line section below, which is what we need to figure out which tables these are that feed the data to MIRO.

We need to append some data to those tables so that when MIRO occurs, that data is moved into BSEG from there. I thought it would be EKPO, the PO line item but that would not make sense in case of freight logistics - we create one PO per vendor per plant per day from the shipment cost documents and standard SAP adds only one line (EKPO) while there could be multiple lines for every service entry sheet from the SCDs and in our case, each of these SES will have it's own unique data that we need to append to those tables.

Thanks a lot!
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