What update MCHBH?

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What update MCHBH?

Post by MM-Joe » Mon Dec 27, 2004 10:52 pm


How to get the stock on posting date at batch level?
We use table MCHBH for for last periode of selection and add total stock by stock movement from begining period to selection date from MSEG.

After compared with MB5B, most of batch are correct but some are incorrect.

Is there any specific setting in config or specific movement that will not update the stock quantity?

We found that movement 311 and 701 do not update the quantity in Table MCHBH the stock quantity.

Can anyone explain this?

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Post by Dartan » Tue Dec 28, 2004 1:01 am


All current stock quantity for stock that are batch-managed will be captured in MCHB, not MCHBH. If your report needs to have a "snapshot" of stock as of a particular period, then you need to use BOTH tables, since MCHB gives the latest quantity, while MCHBH gives a historical one.

By latest, SAP design for all such historical tables, e.g. MBEWH, MARDH, is to be efficient in the sense that the current stock situation is in the non-historical ones. Once there is a posting, this is immediately updated onto the current tables (e.g. MCHB), while the "old" stock situation will be updated onto the historical table (e.g. MCHBH) with the previous period.

Therefore, in an established system, you might find data like this in the table MCHBH, assuming current period is 12 in year 2004:

Material Plant Sloc Batch Year Period Unres Stk
MAT123 0001 0001 ABC 2003 12 0
MAT123 0001 0001 ABC 2004 01 10
MAT123 0001 0001 ABC 2004 05 50
MAT123 0001 0001 ABC 2004 06 0

and this in MCHB:

Material Plant Sloc Batch Year Period Unres Stk
MAT123 0001 0001 ABC 2004 09 10

You will know that an increase of stock 10 (e.g. GR of stk) in period 1 caused line 1 to be updated, and a further increase of stock to 50 occurs in period 5 since there is NO CHANGE in stk situation of 10 from period 01-04 of 2004. The 50 was issued out in period 6, resulting in zero stk. There is a GR of 10 only in period 9 and there has been no change since.

Hope this helps.

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