condition table

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condition table

Post by sridhasr » Mon Aug 23, 2021 4:13 am

There is business requirement from the user for a Rebate Program (VENDOR BASED SELL THRU)

The Rebate program are as follows





The customer will purchase all the three materials But the rebate percentage varies from Customer to customer

For Example:

Customer A purchases all the three materials from Redington

So the vendor will fix a rebate for the same

Customer A - Apple : 1000 Rs per unit
Microsoft : 500 Rs per unit
HP : 100 Rs per unit

At the same time Customer B will also purchase the same But the rebate value will differ

Customer B : Apple : 2000 Rs per unit
Microsoft : 300 Rs per unit
HP : 50 Rs per unit

In order to fulfill the above requirement
1. A Condition table (911 – condition contract/Customer/material) been created and
2. access sequence been provided in ZRE1 and assigned the same in Condition type group (both for REA1 & Res1)

But when I execute the settlement and release for accounting the sold to party does not gets determined.

Kindly confirm is there any more area where we have to configure the same.


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