Check serial number against stock on GI

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Check serial number against stock on GI

Post by soerenh » Wed Dec 09, 2020 11:06 am

Hi SAP fans.

When I do a GR for a PO into stock on a serialised material, the serial number master data (equipment) will be created in the background when I just enter the serial number at goods receipt.
That is very smart so that we don't have to create this manually first.

But when I post something out of stock fx through a MIGO 201 goods issue for cost center posting I would really the system to check that I can't post some serial number out of stock, which was never posted into stock.
But this does not happen.
I can fill what ever number in the serial number field in MIGO and SAP will just create the serial number master data in the background and post it out of stock without even throwing an error message.

Is there really no way of controlling that only serial number, which are actually on stock can also be posted out of stock on a goods issue?

Soeren H

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