MIGO_GR/MIGO_GI output info. to a robot - How?

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MIGO_GR/MIGO_GI output info. to a robot - How?

Post by GreenGreen » Sun Jun 28, 2020 10:48 pm

Dear Experts,

Our company wants to release labor resource and lower the injuries from work by using "transport robots" when performing the Goods Receipt and Goods Issue process.
When performing the MIGO_GR or MIGO_GI, system needs to output some materials information (material no., batch no., storage bin, storage location, quantity, unit, etc. ) via Wi-FI to a robot.
The robot then receives the information and go to put or take the material(s) to/from the specific locations/destinations.

Regarding this, is there any User-exits that we can use to output GR or GI information to an API program, after print out the GR/GI document?

Thanks & regards,

Green Green

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