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Sales kit

Post by akrason » Wed Apr 17, 2019 2:30 am


My requirement is half way between LUMF and ERLA behaviour in sales order from BOM and pricing perspective.
The context is public sector so no sales pricing other than cost price.

Once a year I have to campaign-based sell at a fixed price over the counter hundreds of "kits" composed of a dozen of stock items. They are all valuated at MAV price and sold indivudually at that (changing) price.
I do neither use nor want to PP module at all. Except sales BOM. Those kits will physicaly be prepared manually in advance : all loose items put in a non-sealed carton box. The leftovers are simply physicaly re-integrated into stock.

Now, ideally I would like to create SO and call "kit" ID with BOM explosion into subitems subject to GI at delivery stage. However, at invoice stage I would prefer to issue an invoice for the "kit" item at a fixed price despite components having MAV potentialy changing every day due to stock GI/GR independently from "kit" activity.

Unfortunately SAP invites me to chose between two modes : either to "produce" and put in stock "kits" in order to invoice a fixed price on "kit" level or to invoice individual GI of MAV components.

I have not succeeded in favorably modify ERLA and LUMF settings.
No way?
Alternative solution : free goods?
Any other hint.


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