Delivery Group creation query

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Delivery Group creation query

Post by subodhd » Wed Apr 03, 2019 5:31 am

Hi all
We are on ECC6.
We want to create a delivery group for all STO deliveries going from one plant to another based on certain criteria like planned goods issue date in all the deliveries should be less than or equal to current date.

But I don’t see any option in the delivery group creation transaction VG01 where one could select the deliveries based on certain selection criteria at all (the system expects you to manually add the deliveries ?).

Am I missing something ? Or is there some other transaction that will enable me to select deliveries based on various selection fields (similar to VL06O report selection fields) and then I could drag and drop them in the delivery group creation transaction?

Once the delivery group has been created, we want to generate a pick list file for all the material / batches in all the deliveries in that group as an XML file and send it to another 3rd party system by triggering this from the delivery group output.

Or are we better off using shipment VT01N transaction to group together the required deliveries and use the shipment output type to generate the same pick list file ?
What are the pros and cons of each method?

By the way our deliveries are not really picking relevant in true picking sense (item categories in the deliveries are not relevant for picking and we don’t do any picking confirmation in the deliveries).
The whole idea is to tell the 3rd party system what items to pick for a given day by way of sending them one pick file for the whole day, that will cover all the STO deliveries created in SAP that share the same planned goods issue date as the current date.

Any suggestions ?

Frank Lai
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Re: Delivery Group creation query

Post by Frank Lai » Tue Sep 24, 2019 2:09 pm


Maybe way late. Anyway, you can assign deliveries to group from VL06O itself. First choose list of deliveries from the first screen of VL06O. On the next screen, you probably want to restrict VL06O by specifying delivery type to be NL and NLCC ( or your Z equivalent) as well as your goods issue date. When the resulting list of deliveries show up, select the ones you want, click subsequent function from the menu and create group. That should be it.


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