Sales Order Pricing based on custom fields

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Sales Order Pricing based on custom fields

Post by subodhd » Tue Mar 26, 2019 4:37 pm

We want to configure automatic pricing in sales order based on 5 custom parameters.
(In addition to std SAP parameters like sales org, customer , material etc.
Any suggestions ?
Want to keep the custom coding to a minimum and want to achieve this using std SAP condition technique.
These 5 custom parameters along with other details like material, qty, PO no etc, will be sent by the customers in their flat file which we intend to upload using a custom transaction .
We Are thinking of creating a new condition table that will have these 5 custom fields for the purpose of a new access sequence .
Question is what is the best place to store these 5 custom fields at the order item level which can then be mapped to pricing communication structure?
Should we be adding 5 custom fields to VBAP and show it on some screen like additional data screen.
Since these 5 custom fields have predefined values for ranges. The value for each range can be determined based on the absolute value being read from the file and we can perhaps select the range based on that.
There are some 5 freely definable attributes in the config , perhaps they can be used here ?

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