Assign inventory owner?

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Assign inventory owner?

Post by Swissy » Thu Mar 14, 2019 2:06 pm


We have a requirement to assign an inventory owner (would be an internal person, possibly derived from the cost center, but not necessarily), to stock (of certain materials) that is procured or moved/transferred into a plant.
Basically our users would like to see something like MMBE with an extension that is showing who "owns" the various quantities that they have in that plant. We understand there must be a way of also issuing it out, so if any quantities are leaving the plant we would pick from the "owner stock", as specified.

I am wondering if there is a standard SAP way of doing this...?

I have looked at using batch management, project stock, reservations, maybe a special stock category, or build something custom that includes the cost center in the PO "tagging" the inventory or similar.

Any thoughts or ideas around this you guys? I feel like we cannot be the only company in need of something like this...? If we can avoid too much development it would be great of course. If anyone has implemented something similar, I would love to hear about it!


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