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Idoc invoice output to middleware - EHP8

Posted: Tue Jan 16, 2018 12:44 pm
by Russell Adams
We are upgrading from ECC 7.0, support pack 27 to ECC EHP8 FOR SAP ERP. When testing outbound invoices (INVOIC02) our control record (EDI_DC40) is sending the record with the partner type, partner role and partner number set up properly (KURE1373800000). But when the data is forwarded to the port for our rfc communication with our middleware software (Iway for us), the partner role is missing in EDI_DC40 (KU 1373800000). We get the error ‘ (126) ENTRY_NOT_EXIST: ENTRY_NOT_EXIST Message 400 of class E0 type Etransform error’ in the middleware error logs. The forwarding of the document then fails. We have a ticket open with SAP but they have been no help after about a month. SAP keeps pointing us to (OSS note 2082637) transactions WE31OPT and WE30SNAP but these seem to relate to the data segments, not the control record. Does anyone know of something that changed in one of the enhancement packs from EHP1 to EHP8 relating to the control record of outbound Idoc records. Our inbound Idoc process is working fine. We have seen differneces in jco for our middleware that have been corrected during the upgrade. Is there maybe something on the SAP side that also needs to be set? I have performed searches in the forum without success.

Re: Idoc invoice output to middleware - EHP8 - Problem Solved

Posted: Thu Jan 25, 2018 9:00 am
by Russell Adams
An update on this problem:
There is a problem in our middleware software. Our new version is configured by default to call SAP function module EDI_AGREE_OUT_MESSTYPE_READ when it receives a record to do some verifications. We disabled the check to call the FM and can now pass Idocs out of SAP. The middleware vendor is working on a patch in their software so that EDI_AGREE_OUT_MESSTYPE_READ will not produce an error. SAP also recommended that we install the latest JCo on SAP and the middleware software.