FOC in intercompany PO

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FOC in intercompany PO

Post by sapnaive » Tue Nov 21, 2017 12:55 am


I have a requirement in stock transport order. In PO STO, there is a free of charge item along with regular item. This is a intercompany STO. Delivery order is created referred PO STO.

In Delivery, free of charge item is copied from PO STO with billing status "Not relevant". I'd like to have free of charge item in billing. How can I configure this free of charge item to be "Relevant to billing" in Delivery ?

Thanks in advance for your help.

Frank Lai
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Re: FOC in intercompany PO

Post by Frank Lai » Mon Dec 04, 2017 3:13 pm


Short answer is no you cannot simply configure your way around this one. Reason is that when you mark an item as free of charge on the PO. SAP clears the IR indicator in EKPO. When the deliveries are created for the STO, SAP standard code checks the IR indicator and if it is cleared it then sets the billing indicators to be not relevant. To make things work as you stated you will need to do some coding and configurations.

I would suggest you leave things as SAP have set up. However if you are bound and determined to do this then this should work ( mind you I have not done this myself so I cannot say with absolute certainty that it will);

1. Use BADi LE_SHP_ITEM_STATUS or old style user exit USEREXIT_SET_STATUS_VBUP in LV50PFZA to look up PO line item IR indicator, if it is blank and item category is not 2 ( consignment), set interco billing status as A
2. Since free of charge items have 0 price, you cannot just use the same item category as you chargeable items. You will most likely need to be a different item category ( kind of the STO version of item category TANN). Use BADi LE_SHP_GN_DLV_CREATE method MOVE_KOMDLGN_TO_LIPS to set the item category to free of charge when IR flag of PO item is blank and item category of the PO is not a 2.
3. Configure the new free of charge interco item category

Good Luck


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