Material Determination w/o Sub item

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Material Determination w/o Sub item

Post by sdcub » Thu Nov 16, 2017 2:44 pm

Has anyone had luck in generating a Material determination/substitution without a sub item.

Let me state the Scenario:
We have a UPC number(not an SAP material number) which we key in as Material Number in VA01 and we have 2 alternative material numbers entered as substitution products in VB11. The goal is for SAP to check availability for each of the alternative products and pick one up which has stock and substitute in the Sales order.

This works OK, if we are willing to generate a sub item in the Order(Sub Reason 0004), but as a business as are trying to avoid this due to the tremendous number of items we have in a sales order.

Substitution works as normal if we have 1 UPC code vs 1 SAP material number in VB11


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