Internal order as account assignment in Sales

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Internal order as account assignment in Sales

Post by subodhd » Mon Nov 06, 2017 6:01 am

We are on ECC6 and have started using sales contracts (rental contracts ).
We have got ZMV doc type for contracts and want to use internal order as account assignment at the line item level.
But I don't see the field "internal order" or "order" under the account assignment tab at item level.

Is there some place in config in SD or FI through which we can control what account assignments are possible / allowed in sales documents such as contracts. At present I see a button called "profitability segment " and when I click on that , I can see many fields , and one of the fields available there is "internal order" . But as per finance , we can't use it . They want us to nominate the internal order in a separate field "order no " so that costs and revenue can be settled for that order . But the question is why can't we see this field as a separate/ individual field under account assignment tab ( similar to any other field like e,g profit center etc) .


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