variant pricing not working properly in sales order

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variant pricing not working properly in sales order

Post by sapnaive » Thu Oct 19, 2017 4:07 am

Dear all,

I've this problem.

There is a request to add a new pricing access sequence with key combination:

sales org/material/variant

Thus I've added it using the field VARCOND.

And below the key combination sales org/material/variant,

there is existing key combination for just material.

For sales org/material/variant, I've mantained a ZV44 value of 5500 and for Material,

I've maintained a ZV44 value of 4000.

In the access sequence I've checked the exclusive button for key sales org/material/variant, but I'm not sure why it is appearing many lines like this?

Where that should be corrected or I've missed?

Please advise.

Thanks. ... -orde.html

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