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SD Avail check and requirements transfer question

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SD Avail check and requirements transfer question

Postby subodhd » Thu Aug 24, 2017 8:06 pm

We are on ECC6.

We use certain make to stock products and have confirmed sales orders right from the current week through to the future 6 months.
We have avail check group = 02 in the material master.
At present the system is confirming the sales orders based on first come - first serve basis - ie whichever order was created first, it will get the stock allocation in form of confirmed qty and confirmed date in the schedule lines in the sales order.

This can cause issues e.g. an order # 1234 was created today but with requested delivery date in say 30 days time and got confirmed based on the stock situation today. This order grabbed all the stock as the availability check as per ATP is turned on.

Later I created another sales order # 1235 but with requested delivery date in 2 days time, the system does not confirm the qty and date since none is available.
At present we have to manually allocate and de-allocate the confirmed qty using V_RA transaction for backorder processing.
(We produce stock of these products that will last only for a month, but create sales orders for up to 6 months in future, in other words the total of sales requirements will always be higher than the stock situation at any given point in time as will be clearly seen in MD04 stock requirement list).

What is the Is best way so that we achieve the following outcome:
a) All booked sales orders irrespective of their creation date and their requested delivery date should get confirmed schedule lines (perhaps we should turn the availability check off by using avail checking group in material master "KP" instead of "02"?
b) All the sales order requirements need to be visible in MD04 stock requirements list for planning purpose. - I assume requirements transfer should be turned on and availability check turned off at the schedule line level in the configuration of schedule line category definition?
c) Business wants to be able to select the sales order manually and create delivery for it - one at a time , based on which sales order has the earliest requested delivery date. (and not let the system block the stock for the sales order which got created first).
At present when trying to create delivery for the sales order with the earlier delivery date (but which got created later) is not being able to be converted into delivery. The error message during delivery creation is something like (from memory) "sum of confirmed quantities for sales orders exceed the stock quantity" .

Any suggestions?

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Re: SD Avail check and requirements transfer question

Postby Frank Lai » Thu Oct 19, 2017 7:19 am


Maybe too late but what the hey. Yes what you described in terms of ATP at order time is standard behaviour. No surprise there. If your requirement is not to have an earlier order which is to be be delivery later deplete ATP quantities totally, then yeah you can turn off ATP as you stated. An alternative you may want to consider whether replenishment lead time can fit your needs.

Lastly, the error message you are getting when creating delivery from sales order has to do with the fact that SAP does ATP at time of delivery creation using rule B which is typically set to checking the amount of unrestricted stock in the plant against the delivery quantity. If there is not enough unrestricted stock to cover the delivery being created you get the error.

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