Pricing in alternate unit of measure in sales order

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Pricing in alternate unit of measure in sales order

Post by vikasguptakota » Wed Aug 02, 2017 4:30 am


My client has this requirement:

Currently the pricing in sales order is showing in PAC. Condition records are maintained in PAC. In material master, Base Unit of Measure is maintained as PC. Conversion of PAC and PC is also maintained in material master. 1 PAC = 4 PC.

Client wants the pricing in sales order to be in PC, not in PAC. He is not willing to change the way condition record is maintained (in PAC) because the practice is followed globally and this requirement is specific to one Sales Org.

Is there any standard way of achieving this? If it is to be done through custom-exit, is it advisable to do it? What risks are associated with doing it?

Thanks in advance


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